Operating Model

What will I gain from playing RushAway?
The play to earn aspect of RushAway will be intrinsically tied to the gameplay and yet also very optional. Our vision of RushAway is one where players will be rewarded for playing the game and having fun, rather than repetitive actions. In RushAway, players will earn points for various in-game activities such as dealing damage as well as ones that are unique to the character they are playing as (Spotter role characters get points for spotting enemies while Supports get points for healing, etc.). Apart from this, daily and weekly tasks will also be open to players to be completed, and grant reward points. These tasks will differ in difficulty – playing a certain number of matches will be Easy, while finishing the same number of matches in the top 5 can be Hard. Tasks will grant points in accordance with their difficulty.
So, what can players do with the points they earn? They will purchase in-game assets from the store, ranging from loadings screens and victory poses to character and weapon skins. There will be common, rare, epic, and legendary assets in each category, with corresponding levels of rarity.
While purchasing these assets at the store, players will also encounter lootboxes in the game, which hold some of the same digital asses in accordance with their rarity. We have made sure that none of these digital assets grant any advantages in gameplay, ensuring that only skill, dedication, and a certain degree of luck determine the winners.
We will use the esports (competitive aspect) of the game to expand our player base using the possibilities offered by esports 3.0. The revenues obtained through esports activations will be re-invested into our Treasury for a robust and healthy game economy. Integrating with the NEAR network will pave the way for future cross promotions and additional yield farming operations.