Vision and Mission

Our vision of RushAway is a high-quality game that combines the best aspects of competitive computer games, the esports ecosystem and the possibilities offered by blockchain and NFT technologies to provide a large player base a high-quality gaming and earning experience. The team developing RushAway comes from three main industries: game development, esports and blockchain. As such, our mission is to solve the problems we see, with the tools we know how to use.
The first problem we wish to tackle is play to earn titles leaning completely on the blockchain aspect and foregoing gameplay entirely. With several AAA game design titles under our collective belt, our main goal is to make a game players will enjoy, no matter the tokens of NFT’s. We believe that only a game that is fun and enjoyable to play on its own can offer a sustainable roadmap to players, designers, and investors alike. A natural continuation of this solution is to onboard gamers to the blockchain ecosystem through a gamified experience – we will show competitive and casual players that a play to earn title can also offer a satisfactory gaming experience while showing them the possibilities of these new technologies.
Our second area of interest is esports. As the industry evolves towards Esports 3.0, our aim is to create a game that will be played competitively, offering audiences and brands the experience they have come to expect from an esports title. Incorporating guilds and blockchain technology, we will offer both conventional as well as esports 3.0 events and activations, allowing players, teams and organizers to meet each other and create content together on RushAway. Our collective experience in the esports industry will allow us to find meaningful and unique partners and activations, and we will use the funds we obtain to purchase our in-game tokens, ensuring we can build a transformative, positive, and sustainable economy. The esports aspect of the game will also help in player acquisition and retention.
We will talk more about our approach to esports when describing our growth strategy.
For the blockchain part of the game, we are taking, and will continue to take special care in forming partnerships only with actors in the industry who understand the importance we place on the players. We want to change “play to earn” to “play to win”, where competitors can win matches and make financial gains while doing so, but never at the expense of the gaming experience.
For RushAway, we are developing an IP that is complete with its own lore, characters and scenery. We believe that the integration of NEAR ecosystem technologies and our lovingly designed IP are our strongest assets.
You will find more information about the NEAR ecosystem in the Technology section.