What is RushAway’s growth strategy?
For us, esports is an integral part of gaming and our envisioned growth for RushAway, and it will follow the transition to blockchain. As part of the journey towards Esports 3.0, we have designed RushAway with professional competition being a part of the overall experience. Towards this purpose, RushAway will showcase the ability for players and organizers to quickly prepare tournaments with or without sustainable structures. We will use RushAway to show both endemic and non-endemic brands the power of esports in gaming and blockchain gaming, and will invite these companies to take part in RushAway’s competitive ecosystem. The funds secured through partnerships and activations will be spent in the game, to ensure a sustainable in-game economy.
More information about our RWAY token will be shared in the relevant section.
The next step will be collaborations with guilds and DAO’s that are interested in the esports scene. We will invite and welcome all such partners to our game, and will work with them to ensure RushAway is a fair platform for professional players, teams, organizers, and all others who are active in esports.
During these activations, we will utilize the growing technologies used in the burgeoning esports 3.0 ecosystem such as competitive platforms, mobile development and future innovations.