What can I expect when playing RushAway?
As a battle royale, RushAway will force individual players of teams of players to survive until they reach the last designated area. The 64 km² island will give players more than enough options to hide, scavenge, fight, and survive.
The island also has importance to our NFT strategy – we will share more information when we are talking about the technology behind RushAway.
The characters players will choose all have their unique, iconic abilities. Starting the game unarmed, players will have to compete to find weapons and other useful equipment on the map. The game map is designed for 64 players to compete at the same time, with the final aim of 200 players through network research and development.
Gaining inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we have designed the game so that the players will first need to find shelter and weapons, then find the enemies and eliminate them, and finally obtain victory. From the moment the match starts until the winner is announced, be assured that you will be busy running, hiding, finding and fighting for a purpose!