Game Background

In the year 2185, the glaciers have melted due to global warming, thinning the ozone layer dangerously and causing untold damage to human life as we know it. A group of scientists, seeking to reverse this outcome, began to experiment with time travel. Something went wrong however, and one of their experiments resulted in a catastrophic explosion.
At the same exact moment, in a different world in a parallel universe, a group of sorcerers were conducting a ritual, to find immortality in their world of magic and fantastical creatures. Lightning struck the area of their ritual, causing an explosion simultaneously with the time travel experiment mishap. A cosmic collision thus occurred, creating a rift in reality and creating the world of RushAway. Portals opened in space and time, transporting both real-history and fantastical characters to RushAway where they would search a way to go back to their own time and place. The atmosphere of RushAway, however, cannot support life due to its temporary nature, and breathable space on the planet is diminishing constantly and rapidly – characters entering this world need to find their way back, and find it fast!