RushAway has a diverse array of playable characters, taken from historical figures as well as fantastical ones. One of our main strengths is our detailed IP, with a deep lore and extensive backgrounds prepared for all playable characters. The cast of RushAway characters include:


Forced to a life of thievery alongside her brother after being abandoned by their parents, Ariel was devastated when her beloved sibling fell very sick. Being told to look for a very rare herb by the town healers, Ariel was doing just that when she fell through a portal opening in the depths of the forest. She now must return back to save her brother in time.


A Circassian man living on Earth in the 19th century, Abrek was returning home one day after a successful hunt. As he was carrying his prey of choice, the lynx, he was drawn into a portal that suddenly opened in front of him. Now fighting for his life on the island of RushAway, he will put his skills with the bow to the test.


Björn hails from Gata, Sweden as an honourable Viking warrior. Having jumped into the portal that opened in their townhouse to protect his family and townsmen, he is now forced to compete with others on RushAway in order to return to his beloved home.


Struggling with a fatal disease, Sereia approached a water witch to ask for a cure. The solution offered by the witch was simple: while her body could not be saved, her soul could merge with the ocean and live on. After a 100 years of freely floting in water, the portal opening up deep in the ocean sucked in her soul to the world of RushAway.

Captain Pride

The most powerful pirate to ever sail the oceans, Captain Pride sailed to find a legendary treasure towards the end of his illustrious career. Known for his famous hook which had bonded to him after he used it to kill a sea-monster, his ship was destroyed in a storm in this final voyage. Being sucked into the cruel waves and offering his last prayer, he was amazed to wake up with his hook poking him, on a strange island he did not recognize.


Daniel differs from many others on RushAway in that he willingly entered the portal to come here. After a self-sustaining portal opened in Vatican, the reigning Pope ordered an investigation to understand this supernatural phenomenon. Always selfless, Daniel was the first to offer to enter the portal. Now, having learned all he can about RushAway, he needs to go back to his superiors and report on his findings.


The queen of an elven kingdom, Kelna has only the good of her people in her heart. So, when a portal opened in the middle of her capital, she naturally was the one to enter in order to understand if this was a threat to her beloved homeland.


An outcast among his kin for his mischievous ways, D-Goong was finally cursed by his tribal god for desecrating holy heirlooms deep in the jungles of Borneo. Bereft of his memories due to the curse placed on him, D-Goong was not overly concerned when he was pulled into the world of RushAway. He is now doing what he does best: causing mayhem on the battlefield, creating chaos among his peers, savouring the agony of others.


A follower of Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of war and destruction, Samantha delights in taking on missions for her goddess and drinking the blood of her victims. An unpredictable psychopath, she wears the head of a lion she single-handedly killed with a dagger that was a gift from Sekhmet herself. This lion head was fused to her body when the portal sucked her in to RushAway during one of her bloody missions. She is now hunting for victims on this unfamiliar island, dedicating each kill to her goddess in hopes of enabling her to enter RushAway.


A simple farm girl living in 17th century America, Bridget followed a runaway goat deep into the woods one day. Coming back home several days after with no memory of the time passing, she was soon accused of withcraft due to ill fortune following her. Just as she was to be burned at the stake by the townsfolk, she saw a portal opening in front of her and jumped in to save her life.


A rebellious fighter from 19th century America, Imani became a risk-taker after the death of her husband during a raid. Seeing a white light emanating from a cave while she was once again with a raiding party, she stepped into the light without hesitation. Having eluded her enemies through time and space, she now yearns to return to a life of her own choosing by being the first to reach the return portal on RushAway.


Member of a vicious tribe, Ka-e-te-nay was mocked mercilessly for his weak stature. While fleeing his tormentors one day, he encountered a demon of the icy wastes who offered him strength and viciousness in exchange for everything he would hold dear. Returning to his tribe with his newfound power, he attacked indiscriminately his tribesmen for vengeance. The tribal shamans conducted a ritual that would banish him, but a portal opened instead that brought him to RushAway.


Imprisoned for his crimes in the army, this nameless soldier decided to act like a madman to get out of jail. Soon, he become know for two things: his total insanity, and his ability to kill a man with just one slap. While trying to put out a fire in a village one night, drunk out of his mind, he entered the opening in a portal to avoid a burning roof crashing on top of him.


Jonathan was shunned from an early age, but found refuge in the cold calculations of science. A member of the team that conducted the catastrophic time travel experiment, he was the closest one to the explosion. When he regained consciousness on RushAway, he found out that he was able to manipulate electrical currents. He will now use his newfound abilities to wreak vengeance on the humanity that dared to ostracize him.

Khass Ure

Belonging to the Kherk clan, renowned for producing deadly assassins, Khass Ure had to witness the death of his mother and the mutilation of his father’s wings during a rival clan raid when he was a child. Vowing to avenge them, he threw himself into his training as an assassin, rising to the role of clan leader and raising a family when he came of age. His investigation into his childhood raid led him to inspecting some nearby ruins but he was beset upon by bandits during the return trek. Cruelly taunting him, the bandits cut off his wings, claiming he was now indeed his father’s son. Seeing that he was facing those responsible for the raid, Khass Ure flew into a rage and killed the bandits to the last man. He did not even realize when the portal transported him to RushAway.


An asocial computer engineering student, Mischa lost her mother at a very early age. The only true activity she enjoys is going out hunting with her father on the weekends. During such a hunt, their prey was swallowed by a portal that came out of nowhere. Mesmerised by this apparition, Mischa had an intense vision that her mother awaited on the other side. Before her father could say a single word, she entered the portal. She will now use her technological aptitude and hunting skills to search for her mother in this strange new world.


A dedicated martial arts enthusiast, Michael decided to pursue science and became a chemistry teacher after the death of her wife in a hospital. Conducting experiments in secret to invent a drug that could restore someone back to life, he was caught up in his work in his lab one night when the portal opened. Seeing his notes and prototypes being sucked in, he unhesitatingly jumped behind them. He now seeks to return to his world to finish his goal of bringing his wife back to life.